Back 9 Pilates

“I love to turn others on to Pilates; golfers tell me that after Pilates, they consistently hit the ball farther and straighter, gain strength, improve posture, flexibility, balance and energy for everyday activities on and off the course. Both are mind-body games that can bring that bring joy and renewal of the spirit from the inside out.” – Barbara

Golf Clubs for Pilates

Back 9 Pilates

  • Consistently hit the ball farther and straighter
  • Reduce your risk of injury and pain
  • Develop strong postural muscles
  • Improve performance on and off the course


Tour players and amateurs alike are hitting the ball consistently farther and straighter with reduced risk of injury and back pain with the Back 9 Pilates program. Much more than exercises or stretches, Pilates for golf is a series of techniques that you will use to move in the most efficient and pain-free way, in everything you do on and off the course!

Please wear golf attire and bring a putter. A Certified Pilates Instructor and Golf Conditioning Specialist, Back9 Founder Barb Hoffer’s trains golfers in Pilates methods used by Tour Players such as Camilo Villegas and coaches such as Butch Harmon.

  • Experience Pilates techniques for on and off the course
  • Learn a simple 10-minute injury-prevention warm-up
  • Get “Golfers’ At Home System” ($30 value) to take home for continued practice

Spend 2 hours away from the course, so that you’ll hit the ball farther & straighter when you’re there!

Space for 2-hour Play is limited, so sign up today. Each 2-hour Play Day limited to 4 players.

Cost: $85 (includes “Golfers’ At Home System”, $30 value)