Meet Barbara

Barbara Hoffer serves others with joy as an innovative coach and catalyst for change. As a Certified Pilates and Yoga instructor for 20+ years, she’s passionate about helping every body Vitalicize™e.g “ rekindle vitality .”

Training and coaching managers for over a decade, stress of frequent travel left her body a wreck. Diagnosed with cancer, Hoffer started anew as a Certified Pilates Instructor and Your Vitality Buddy™, coaching others to rebalance and reclaim their lives.

Since launching Back9 Pilates™ in 2007, Barbara’s passionate about helping each client follow their dreams. Whether by phone, online, in their home or in her studios “we work together to insure success” says Hoffer, “I didn’t come to sit on the sidelines, I came to help others play full on for as long as they want to be active in this 365-day game called life.”

As an avid walker who walks her talk, she led her team of seven friends to complete a 3 Day 60-mile fundraising walk. They surpassed their $18,000 goal, raising over $32,000 to end cancer!

Barbara’s a native Texan in love with Matt, living in the Oakland Hills, baseball, dancing, Latin jazz and their sweet cat, Bernie.