Zrii Nutrition

ZRII Health Products

Barbara Hoffer offers Zrii; a natural amalaki drink that will help rejuvenate your body. Blending ancient wisdom with modern science, a team of ayurvedic scholars and western doctors have conducted studies to show scientifically that the drink works on a cellular level to bolster your immune system.

The drink features amalaki; a fruit grown at the base of the Himalayans known for its rejuvenative and anti-inflamatory properties. The drink also uses 6 other vital ingredients, ginger, turmeric, tulsi, schizandra, jujube and haritaki. These ancient ingredients are combined to create this proven (and delicious) elixir.

Testimonials show that people see results quickly for a wide range of health problems. Since it works on a cellular level, it can help with cholesterol, blood-sugar. cardiovascular health, liver function, healthy digestion, skin rejuvenation, mental acuity, stress reduction, anti-aging and more!