Shelli G’s Full Testimonial About Barbara Hoffer

“I have been trained by four different pilates instructors over the course of six months on a somewhat regular schedule, and Barbara is by far the best of them. She’s an experienced and devoted instructor, and attentive from the moment you enter her studio.

She’s observant and knows right away when I’m doing something wrong and is quick to adjust my position to avoid injury. The adorable thing about her is that I don’t even have to adjust the springs myself! She does it for me!

I believe I’ve had four lessons to date with her, and each time she’s taught me something new. She recognizes my potential and offers something different each time to keep my body challenged. I never feel like our time is wasted with idle chitchat or weird mind/body meditation like I have with other instructors. She gets down to business and is very time conscious.

There are days when I feel drained or just plain lazy, but after her class, I feel refreshed and energized. Barbara also tends to work out alongside of you if there’s an available reformer, so it’s easy to follow her example….if you can keep up with her.

Just as a side. I had a class with her yesterday, and I can barely walk today; legs sore, abs sore, it hurts to laugh. But I know I’ll be laughing all the way to the dept. store when I buy that bikini.”