GIA Wellness Bay Area Coaching

Growth, Inspiration, and Abundance from Gia Wellness Bay Area Coach Barbara Hoffer

GIA, The Single File Alignment Company!

Eight years ago, GIA Wellness revolutionized the wellness industry by developing the world’s first patented product solutions to counteract the toxic effects of electromagnetic radiation from exposure to cell phones, and wireless devices. The company’s recent breakthrough, a patented water activation system, plus its applied technology for energy, joint issues and skin care, has received major accolades from health, wellness and anti-aging experts around the world.

On the next pages you will find some information about a few of our products, but there is much more to see. Our GIA website has full product descriptions with great videos about each product, as well as printable flyers and more. Go check it out!

Barbara is an independent GIA wellness consultant. Her program focuses on bringing the joy from within your “self” so that you may live a happy and purposeful life. Fill out and submit Barbara’s Get Started form and she will contact you with her program details.