Newsletter #1 Greeting

Days weeks and months fly by, and here we are at 2012! May this year be one of renewal and gratitude. Take the weight off of your shoulders; let go of what no longer serves you. Here’s to healthy choices daily so you can play with vitality, all ways.


Newsletter #1: Stress Less, Stretch More

Ask yourself daily,  “What in the world am I carrying on my shoulders? At least 3X a day, take a moment to breathe and stretch away fatigue.

Corner stretch: Stand facing a corner; place forearms against the walls with elbows flexed at 90degrees. With your hips aligned and stable, gently lean your body through the arms as it moves towards the wall. Hold stretch for 15 counts; repeat 3X.

– Marie-Jose Blom, Founder, Long Beach Dance Conditioning

Standing roll down: Stand in with tall spine against a wall, neutral pelvis. Inhale through the nose, keeping the shoulders down as your breath into the sides of your ribs. Roll down on exhale, as your abs go in to stabilize your pelvis. Round head to belly button. Inhale again while you are there; exhale and roll up from the sitz bones and tailbone, stacking each vertebra on top of each other.

– Angi Spector, Founder, Mind Body Connection

Standing roll down redux: Repeat above. Once you are rolled down, stay there and breathe for 3 full breaths. Pull your belly button up and in. Grasp each elbow with the opposite hand. Stay there and breathe, 3 full breaths into your heart; recall something you’re grateful for today. Gently sway from side to side. Inhale again; exhale as you roll up slowly, one vertebra at a time. Stand anew. As if a string’s attached to the crown of your head, align your ears over shoulders and shoulders over hips. Slide your shoulder blades down toward your hip pockets and away from your earlobes.

Carrying less stress? Thank yourself for making time to breathe and release. Now “be” more as you “do” less.