Meet Barbara

Leaving the stress corporate management after cancer, Barbara Hoffer serves others with joy as an innovative coach and catalyst for change. As a Certified Pilates and Yoga instructor and entrepreneurial coach for over 15 years, she’s passionate about helping others Vitalicize™ their business and their bodies with ease.

Back 9 Pilates founder Barbara Hoffer has over 20 years experience training and coaching others to do and be their best. Integrating this proficiency with Pilates and Yoga instructor training enables her to help golfers learn how to consistently hit the ball farther and straighter, gain strength and improve posture, flexibility and balance, while increasing energy for everyday activities on and off the course. Barbara offers a variety of programs, products and services to help connect the mind, body and spirit of a golfer—allowing them to play better than ever before.

When her corporate career left her body a “wreck” due to constant travel and undue stress, Hoffer turned to Pilates in 1997. Training with The Physical Mind Institute of NYC gave her a body of knowledge from which to help others undo the negative side effects of a stressful and sometimes sedentary lifestyle.” As a golfer who’s passionate about helping others play painfree, Hoffer certified as a Golf Conditioning Specialist with Deanna Zenger, Executive Director of Hole in One Pilates International and Sarah Christensen of the Butch Harmon School for Golf.

Being a Hatha Yoga Instructor for over 20 years, Hoffer was trained by Golf Channel’s Katherine Roberts, as the first Yoga for Golf Instructor in Northern California.

Designing functional fitness programs for anyone ready to hit the links or the slopes following injury or surgery to the shoulder, knee or hip is one of Hoffer’s gifts. As a breast cancer survivor, she’s compassionate about “helping others gain and maintain a healthier body at each stage of life.” Hoffer offers annual Pilates and Yoga for Golfers vacations to Italy and Mexico. A resident of Oakland, California and native Texan, Barbara and her partner, Matthew share his son, Jonathan, who lives in San Francisco.